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Casa Bonampak and Papel Picados

Casa Bonampak and Papel Picados

One of the most awesome shops that carry my shirts is Casa Bonampak in the Mission.

It was opened by Nancy Charraga in 1996.

Named for a Mayan temple in Chiapas Mexico it is located between 21st and 22nd street on the east side of Valencia in SF's Mission.

Casa Bonampak is known for wonderful handcut custom papel picados as well as other myriad items largely made by indigenous artisans.

Nancy suggested that the artisans interpret my design as a papel picado and I said yes!

The result is a wonderful whimsical take on my baseball capped skull and a love for the Dubs and the Gigantes all in a papel picado banner.

You cannot go to Casa Bonampak without coming away with some great handmade craft piece.

Paper flowers, bird feather jewelry from indigenous tribes in the Amazon, Oaxacan silver, hand woven blankets, bags and of course custom made piñatas including a hilarious Donald Trump piñata.

Its a gallery and a store at the same time

I love it!




  • John Hersey